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                     Caretake your French home


Security checks

Vacant properties in France can sometimes be exposed to problems, especially in the winter months. Frozen pipes, and even a small leak in the roof can wreak havoc and it can be heartbreaking to discover damage when you arrive at your home. Bees and wasps can happily take up residence when your French home if left unoccupied and mice are a perennial problem. We will keep an eye on your French property as often as you wish and report any problems, should they arise and deal with them for you.

House Maintenance

We can organise for any repairs to be carried out quickly and efficiently in order to minimise any damage that may have occurred at your French property.

Swimming pool maintenance

Pools in France require weekly maintenance during the summer months to keep the water fresh and clear. We can provide regular checks as well as an opening and closing service at the beginning and end of the season.


Homes in France often have large gardens which can mean you spend a large chunk of your holiday time getting the garden back under control. Let us take care of this for you by regularly maintaining the lawns and grounds in your absence leaving you free to relax and enjoy it!

Pre-arrival or scheduled cleaning

We can arrange for your house to be cleaned in time for your arrival or on a regular basis.

Project Management

A complete service from start to finish. With large projects, a point of contact between client and tradesmen is essential to ensure that everything runs smoothly and to your satisfaction.

Emergency contact number

Just in case!

     Taking care of your French home

Project in France offers a comprehensive range of competitively priced care taking solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Whether it’s your holiday home, your main residence or a rental property in France, you can be assured of a reliable and professional caretaking service you can totally trust.

We build relationships with our English clients and provide a top quality service with attention to detail.